What is the Nebraska Invasive Species Program?

A grant funded program that coordinates the Nebraska Invasive Species Council (NISC) to:

  • Prevent the introduction of invasive species in Nebraska
  • Promote early detection and rapid response to control new infestations
  • Reduce the impact of invasive species on Nebraska’s natural resources

The program consists of a full time program coordinator.  The program conducts public outreach by conducting identification workshops, giving presentations and attending expos and events to promote invasive species prevention.  The program conducts research to protect Nebraska's natural resources and has conducted boater surveys since 2010 educating the public on how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.   The program disseminates invasive species teaching tools to educators throughout the state for K-12 grade teachers.

Our Mission

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the introduction of invasive species into Nebraska

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early detection and rapid response to control new infestations

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the impact of invasive species on Nebraska's resources

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Nebraska Invasive Species Program staff with sudents at an educational event


Nebraska Invasive Species Program takes part in expos, outreach events and presents to a wide variety of audiences year round to educate resource professionals how to identify invasive species.  This website contains information on key invasive species we need to control or contain in Nebraska.  The program staff attend expos, conferences and events throughout the year to provide the public with information on how to prevent introductions and spread of invasive species.

Zebra Mussels


Working collaboratively with the Nebraska Invasive Species Advisory Council and other agencies and organizations, the Nebraska Invasive Species Program develops statewide invasive species management plans, monitoring protocols, and response plans to help combat invasive species.

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NISC, natural resource agencies and other partners throughout the state are collaborating on a variety of projects to promote the betterment of Nebraska’s natural resources. University of Nebraska graduate students are conducting projects to increase the information available for invasive species risk assessments and potential invasions.