Yellow Bedstraw

Galium verum

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Perennial herbaceous vine that can grow to a height of 2-4 ft. Leaves are whorled, very narrow, up to 1.5 in. long, covered in short hairs, pointed, and found in groups of 8 to 12 leaves. Flowers are yellow, clustered, 0.3 in. across, pointed, longer than they are wide, with 3 to 5 petals and 4 yellow stamens. Fruit hairy and bristly clinging to clothes and animal hair.


Can be found in sunny areas along roadsides, in fields, and in pastures.

Location in Nebraska

Found in only a few counties across Nebraska.

Pathway of Introduction and Spread

It is native to Europe and Asia. Commonly spread by seeds clinging to clothes and animals. Has a long history of use as a herbal medicine.


Can out-compete native species and ease of distribution makes it difficult to track.

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