What is the Nebraska Invasive Species Council (NISC)?

The NISC was codified in law in 2012 and serves as an advisory council to Nebraska's Governor and Legislature. NISC focuses on invasive species of all taxa of concern to Nebraska's natural resources, NISC members and other stakeholders. You can contact the Council Coordinator at: invasives@unl.edu


  1. Recommend action to minimize the effects of harmful invasive species on Nebraska’s citizens in order to promote the economic and environmental well-being of the state;
  2. Develop and periodically update a statewide adaptive management plan for invasive species as described in section 15 of the legislation;
  3. Serve as a forum for discussion, identification, and understanding of invasive species issues;
  4. Facilitate the communication, cooperation, and coordination of local, state, federal, private, and nongovernmental entities for the prevention, control, and management of invasive species;
  5. Assist with public outreach and awareness of invasive species issues; and
  6. Provide information to the legislature for decision making, planning, and coordination of invasive species management and prevention.


VOTING MEMBERS Appointed by the Governor:

  • Craig Allen - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Steven Jara - Nebraska Forest Service of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Trevor Johnson - Nebraska Department of Agriculture
  • Justin King - Nebraska Public Power District, an Electric Generating Utility
  • Brent Meyer - Lancaster County Weed Control Authority, Nebraska Weed Control Association
  • Jonathan Nikkila - Public Interests Member at Large
  • Devin Schroeder - Agricultural Landowner Interests Member at Large
  • Kris Stahr - Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
  • Kim Stuhr - Agricultural Landowner Interests Member at Large
  • John Thorburn - Nebraska Association of Resources Districts
  • Kim Todd - Public Interests Member at Large
  • VACANT - Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit of the University of Nebraska
  • VACANT - Agricultural Landowner Interests Member at Large - Please contact the Council Coordinator if you are interested in applying!



  • Natalia Bjorklund - Nebraska Department of Agriculure
  • Travis Connot - Midwest Region of the National Park Service of the United States Department of the Interior
  • Jeremy Gehle - Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
  • Lorri Grueber - City of Lincoln
  • Chris Helzer - Nebraska Field Office, The Nature Conservancy
  • Kassie Karssen - United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Mike Koenig - Metropolitan Utilities District
  • Justin Krahulik - Nebraska Water Science Center, United States Geological Survey
  • Ritch Nelson - Natural Resources Conservation Service of the United States Department of Agriculture
  • David Nielsen - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture
  • Mitch Renteria - United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Bret Schoner - United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Gary Stone - Nebraska Extension, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • James Thiele - Omaha Public Power District
  • TJ Walker - Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
  • Jennifer Weisbrod - Pesticide Safety Education Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln