Sulphur Cinquefoil

Potentilla recta

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Height to 3 ft. Whitish-yellow 5-petaled flowers with a brighter yellow center; flowers May to July. Each petal is deeply indented. Small gray-green leaves are toothed and palmately compound, 5 leaflets. Kidney-shaped seed, reddish-purple, slightly winged. Learn More here.


Pastures, roadsides, open fields and waste areas.

Location in Nebraska

Fairly widespread throughout Nebraska, particularly in the East.

Pathway of Introduction and Spread

Originally from Europe. Used in pastures and for herbal teas. Spreads by rhizomes and seeds.


Vigorous growth rate due to persistent fibrous root system, can self pollinate. Competes with native vegetation.

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“Weeds of the Great Plains” – Nebraska Department of Agriculture
Richard Old, XID Services,