Water Hyacinth

Eichhornia spp.

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Federal listed noxious weed. Free floating aquatic plant; can grow to 3 ft.; leaves are oval, thick and waxy; blue-purple flowers on upright spikes have six petals.


Lakes, ponds, rivers, marshes, and other types of wetland habitats.

Location in Nebraska

Identified in 2007 in Benson Park Lagoon in Omaha, but not seen since. Found in numerous states around the U.S., except upper Midwest states. Found in nearby Missouri and Colorado.

Pathway of Introduction and Spread

Introduced from South America as an ornamental aquatic plant; reproduces chiefly by vegetative means. Easily moved by aquatic recreational equipment.


Aggressive plant that is capable of rapid growth and spread, seen as dense floating mats on the water which restricts light for organisms below, inhibits recreational activities.

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