Hydrilla verticillata

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Federal Noxious Weed. Submerged, perennial, rooted aquatic plant; green leaves with serrated edges grow in a circular pattern. Flowers during summer and fall that are either whitish to reddish in color or light green with red streaks.


Rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and wet ditches in shallow waters, but also at depths greater than 23ft.; found in freshwater but can tolerate mild salinity.

Location in Nebraska

Not known to exist in Nebraska. Found mostly in the Southeast and Western U.S. Also identified in Iowa.

Pathway of Introduction and Spread

Introduced by dumping of aquariums. Can spread between waters via plant material such as plant fragments or buds that are transported with boats, trailers and other aquatic equipment.


Forms tall and dense stands in the water column, blocking sunlight penetration potentially displacing other aquatic organisms and impeding water flow. Heavy growth commonly obstructs boating, swimming, fishing and other activities and blocks withdrawal of water used for power generation and irrigations.