House Mouse

Mus musculus


They have light brown to dark grayish brown fur with lighter underside. They range from 13are 65 to 95 mm in length, the tails are 60 to 105 mm long. They weigh between 12 to 30 grams.


They prefer to live close to humans. This consists of houses, barn and granaries. Also live cultivated fields and wooded areas at times.

Found in all 50 states. Spreads easily due to transportation from humans.

Pathway of Introduction and Spread

They are native of Central Asia and were spread through the shipping trade. They arrived in the U.S. in the early 1600’s and are now found in all 50 states.


They are labeled as a common house pest, crop pest and carrier of human diseases
Consume and contaminate stored human food from their feces. Destroy woodwork, furniture and clothing. Help spread diseases such as murine typhus, tularemia, food poisoning and bubonic plague. (Source)

Photo Credits: 

Liz Ballenger